Make a Mod Laugh

The Tom’s Community Team is possessed of a great group of moderators from all walks of life, and these guys focus a laser-like concentration on keeping the forum safe from the threat of trolls, spammers and ne’er-do-wells. From time to time though, it’s good to sit back and have a laugh. Which is why we’re putting forward this fun little competition.

Using headlines from any of the stories that have appeared on Tom’s Hardware, Tom’s Guide or any other Tom’s site, create an image with a hilarious caption to try and break the stoic demeanor of our mods and make them laugh. You can use any image you can find on the net (keep it clean!) so long as the caption contains a headline from a story written on Tom’s.

You can use any graphics editing program or an online tool like the demotivational poster creator at to make your creation. If your submission makes a mod laugh, you’ll win the special title of “Forum Jester” that will appear in green under your avatar to memorialize your comic genius!

Be sure to post your image with caption to the following thread so the mods can read it!

Joe Pishgar
Community Manager

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