Best Configs Return

We’re bringing back Best Configs, a feature on Tom’s that makes the strongest recommendation on what components to grab if you are assembling a computer for a particular purpose. One of the greatest strengths of Tom’s Hardware is that we have such a vibrant, knowledgeable community, and all of us know a lot more than just a few of us. To that end, we’d like YOUR input on what builds you think best fit each category.

The following are forum thread links to each of the nine builds:

Budget Intel-Based Gaming PC
Budget AMD-Based Gaming PC
High-End Intel Gaming PC
Intel-Based Office PC
High-End AMD Gaming PC
MicroATX Gaming Build
Home Theater PC
High-End Workstation
AMD-Based Office PC

Throw your recommendations at us! We’ll pick the top 5 and put them up to a vote. The best ones will show up in our Best Configs feature and you’ll get the credit for having assembled the greatest set of hardware for the task.

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